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Thread: nokia ovi suite

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    nokia ovi suite

    finished downloading pc suite for nokia cell and an update poped ovi suite...sounded good so i downloaded it...

    my question...i got messages 1 telling me to smsl a 3**** number other wise it would not activate...and the other a http address so i activated the http site but decided not to send the 3**** number a sms... instead i went to the site which it was advertising if i had a problem...what i did find was it was "" one of those pay 6 per day and R20 per download do i know if i am linked to this site by activating the http fact how do you know if someone else like one of your kids hasnt sent an sms to one of these 3**** i am pay as you go so i dont get an itemised bill

    in the days before i registered my cell with rica it didnt bother they have my home address...this bothers me...maybe its time to move again...just when i thought it was time to settle down...managed to stay here for 2 years already.

    the other question is what happens if one of your kids decide to send an sms how do you know you are activated to pay a daily weekly or monthly fee? do they send you and sms to notify you thet you are registered or is there a method of checking your cell?

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    As far as I know most of this type of subscription should have a double opt in procedure to stop accidental subscribing. Somewhere in the proceedure you should have to tick something saying you agree with their TOS and billing rates.

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