now this has become an interesting statement...because the festive season has come and gone and far tooo many people died on the roads AGAIN.

list of reason put forward by the traffic authourities...
drunk driving (sit outside the pubs and catch all the drunk driver come on surely they are not that stupid putting up a road block on the freeway we all use the back roads)
speeding (i dont see how hiding in the bush slows traffic if we all know here you hide we slow down pass then speed up again... and doesnt slow people down who dont know you are there)
unroadworthy vehicles it always helps fining a person for a smooth tyre letting the vehicle carry on with its trip from dbn cape town)

etc etc

but hese are not my issue is who is responsible for the

pot holes (causing vehicles to swirl and have head on collisions killing people on our roads)

trees (which are blocking the roads because no maintenance is being carried out it...just hit one with my vehicle today had to go head on into oncoming traffic on a blind corner...%^&*k i dont know how we didnt collide.)

etc etc

so my question is does the maintence team get fined for not looking after the roads?

another problem i have at the moment with the traffic department...

i have just received a parking ticket in the post for parking in a road that i have never even driven along in 40 + years yet i have to prove i wasnt parked there otherwise i have to pay the R100 fine...

heres the catch...i contacted the traffic department and was told i had to come in with my ticket and prove i wasnt parked how do i do that...she says they have there ways and means.

anyway i get a call back later that afternoon from a lady at the traffic department...who tells me that there original tickets wasnt filled in correctly ie...the number wasnt very clear so they looked for a ford vehicle with a similar registration and just fined me because the numbers where almost the same and it fitted the vehicle she asked me what colour my vehicle isi told her and she said oooops...wrong i still have to go in and fill out a document that this fine is incorrect...why so that at the end of the year when i go to buy my new license disc i dont have to pay the R100 + R300 for not appearing in court just to get my disc...what a %^&* joke.

it is cheaper for me to pay the fine than to waste time at the traffic department sorting out this issue.

the stupid comment by the soccer head...about security in this country...a man is shot dead while helping his son change a wheel...not by a rebel at war in a war torn country...this was on a busy freeway in durban...&*^%#wake up we have serious security issues in this country.