Well first of the festive season is over so back to work! This been said who is your boss? In my lifetime as contractor, business-owner and boss I have seen a few “bosses” in my life. Now a good boss in my eyes is the person that will drive his workers but she or he is not inhuman to their needs when it counts. Then you get the office loudmouth boss that wants argument and demands respect because she or he “thinks” respect is written in the contract. This kind of boss as we all will agree is better left in the local bar to drown themselves.

Then you get the backstabber “boss” this is the type of person that will look a person in the eye and then stab them in the back when the time comes. Yes normally you will find them as manager’s sight-mangers, foreman and supervisors and they almost always have considerable power. If you do something and it doesn’t have to be job orientated be sure they will “evaluate” you on what you are willing to do, like bend the rules when they ask you to, and or cover things up when the crap hits the fan.

Sadly the last mentioned boss can be found in “mega-industries” the kind with an 80 million a year turnover. In last past years alone I have seen how 17 men was given an award for good practice and a thank you for their hard-work. Then I saw him “the boss” editing a small note on his computer “exclusion list for 2010”. All 17 men where on that list! They will never get a job again within that company AND that list gets mailed to 5 other big companies and they will also never give those people jobs. That things like this still happen today??

So if you are a big boss and you have several people with this type of power listed under you. Please have a good look at what it is that they are doing. They overlook friend’s flaws and will literally fire good honest hardworking people to give their friends that opportunity.

SO if you are a big cat reading this, please do some assessments this year 2010 and make the positive changes to allow good South Africans a chance to get and keep their jobs. The fact is employees with power doesn’t get evaluated and questioned on their practices in your company and this must change. Also these abusive bosses are not stupid they will always have their end covered so take care and get your facts.