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Thread: Alliance partners want central control

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    Alliance partners want central control

    The ANC met its alliance partners over the weekend, and it seems COSATU and the SACP have clearly shown their hand.

    Possibly one of the more disturbing aspects is this:
    Cosatu president Sidumo Dlamini told Reuters the allies would continue discussing its proposal, raised at the meeting, that the alliance and not the ANC, be the centre of political power.

    This would shift power away from the party, giving Cosatu and Communist Party greater influence by making them more directly responsible for setting government policy. Such a change, if it happened, could unsettle foreign investors.

    Earlier media reports said many ANC officials were opposed to the plan.
    from M&G report here
    I certainly didn't notice the alliance on the ballot in the elections earlier this year. Not a particularly democratic means to come to power, methinks.

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    How the unions & communists and ANC have been together so long has amazed me. The policies do not fit with a government at this stage. So ups to the ANC leadership. Lets see new opposition with some good support.
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    Something for Nothing

    Leftists complain about greedy Capitalists causing unemployment. Fine.
    Here is a typical, true example.
    In one of those secluded towns in SA, a few years back, unemployment was sitting at 90%.
    An entrepreneur re located to the town, set up many businesses and industries and created substantial employment.
    All went well, until the unions decided to strike. The entrepreneur/owner asked the union leaders diplomatically to reconsider their harsh actions. No way. Strikes proceeded.

    This entrepreneur, became so disheartened that he closed all the factories and businesses. Swiftly the Department of Labour was on in case, but he would have nothing of that. All those previously unemployed, were unemployed again. So who won? The unions or the entrepreneur?

    This is not to say that I support exploitation, and the nefarious deeds of some Bigger Multinationalist and corporates, but unions are destroying entrepreneurship.

    And yes, they want something for nothing..Heaven help us if these clowns gain control of central government (who knows maybe that was the plan all along)
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    All our politicians will strike for higher wages.

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