This is more a request than a question. I have been out of work now for about seventeen weeks due to an extremely serious illness. I still have the illness but I have been nursed back to almost full strength. I find myself in a strange environment as I come from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. I now intend to make my home in Johannesburg as I have to be close to my doctor and the hospital for chemo etc.

I have recently released my 21st Edition of "The S M E Human Resources/Industrial Relations Toolkit". i will be discussing it in more detail in the Book Review later. In order to get back on my feet I am asking you in Johannesburg and surrounding areas to give me but 15 minutes of your time, no obligations, to demonstrate this book to you.

Once I have made enough to get back onto my feet I will extend the invite to the rest of the country. Please note I am still linked to both MERSETA, Eastern Cape and a large attorney firm in Paarden Island, so I have to travel to both provinces regularly.

Just 15 minutes of your time is all I ask. You will definitely not regret it.