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Thread: Why do people start chain mails?

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    Why do people start chain mails?

    Especially ones with stupid endorsements that it really works like this one:
    It does work! I was given a free return ticket to Cape Town within 3
    days of sending this email!
    So let me get this right...

    You sent this email.
    You got the ticket within three days after sending this email?

    Oh! you got the ticket within 3 days before you sent the email

    So when I hit the jackpot, I must pass on this mail.
    OK. That works for me

    Why do people start senseless chain mails? I really want to know.

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    Because there a herd of sheeple out there that will not ask all these questions, will do it anyway and build up mailing lists which will then create more spam and more questions for you as you receive the next installment that gets you a free ticket to Timbuktu.
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    I always thought it is a conspiracy to flood your e-mail and keep people from working.

    Well if anything I hate these types of chain mail “you better send this on or something bad will happen” Why the hell will I send something that is basically hate-mail to my friends? Why start it in the first place? AND why did my friends send it to me?????

    Still people are superstitious! Just spend a night at a casino and see all the “rituals” that happens there then you may understand why chain mails are so effective when it comes to giving false hope and panic. Also I tend to ban people from my mail-list if they send me chain mail.

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