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Thread: The COSATU vision of democratic capitalist socialism

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    The COSATU vision of democratic capitalist socialism

    After reading all sorts of news reports on the COSATU congress, I decided to read the COSATU 10th congress's declaration for myself.

    Whilst there were a few points where I found myself nodding my head in agreement, overall I find the thinking... conflicted. Perhaps even archaic.

    Is all this communist rhetoric still relevant in this day and age?
    Do we need this notion of idealogical warfare?
    Can't they see the conflict between their views on ownership/equity/capital formation/ROI and what they plan to do with "workers deferred income"?
    Why does COSATU have the right to control this "deferred income" anyway?
    And what about this workers bank? No equity, no managers, no executives there I suppose

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    What "radical " unions across the globe have yet to learn is that wealth is spread through "value" exchanges. The simplistic, "for every PROFIT gained, a LOSS must be incurred, somewhere".Read exploitation of workers, is outdated, nonsense.

    The creators/ inventors/artists of this world create more wealth than the corporations.

    SME's are almost always, innocently dragged, (and discriminated against) into the "Corporate/ Worker paradigm, and squarely placed in the Corporate/ Capitalist Box. This needs to be addressed.

    True, I have heard sympathetic tones emanating from Cosatu, regarding SME's. But current labour legislation treats SME's exactly like big corporations in their labour courts(if not worse).

    Feel free to disagree with me...
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