This will be my second story about computer games. A bout a month ago I got Spore from Electronic Arts. The game looked interesting and all I wanted was an offline game I can enjoy. This being said I got the expansion back with the game and ran all the updates.

Now as I played the game I came across a character with a 250 health count now that is a lot considering my own character only had a 32 health count. Now this 250 health count likes to attack and I got killed over and over again till I just quit the game. I have tried to get my health count up but I cannot find enough stuff to get it that high.

I then found some cheats and tried it but found that EA disabled the cheats with the updates or so it is being speculated in all the forums. So I got a few trainers but the trainer was impregnated with a virus and windows Vista will not allow the trainers to run “not even in administrative mode”

Basically I abandoned the game because there is no way for me to get rid of this 250 health monster in the game. So basically I am on a consumer strike from this point onwards. No working cheats no sale!

See the programmers missed an important element here. People like to enjoy games and get rid of their stress not to get stressed-out and angry. As for trainers, I am not even going to look that way again it is just not worth it anymore.

Thanks for nothing EA!