Here's an interesting article on the scrap between the Services SETA and the EAAB when it comes to training estate agents.

Some pretty misguided expectations of the SETA system by the looks of things.
He (Sseta chief executive) said the department had simply taken for granted that the Sseta would fund the entire professionalisation strategy adopted by the EAAB in concert with the department with no additional funds being made available to the industry either from the department directly, the national skills fund or EAAB.
“The Sseta has been funding your strategy [on the basis that] for every R1 received from the industry for discretionary funding purposes we have funded R30 in grants as a result of the cross subsidisation from our other industries within our scope.
“To date since the introduction of your regulations, we have spent in excess of R70 million in this pursuit. We cannot continue any longer with such cross subsidisation,” he said.