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Thread: Monthly billing regulation?

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    Monthly billing regulation?

    Hi there,

    I bill my customers monthly, and as part of the process I (apparently) have to get a signed debit order form from them.

    I feel that this might lead to less signups as its an extra step in the process, so I want to do away with this form.

    Aparently there is regulation though that says you HAVE to have this form, does anyone know if this is true, or if there is a way around this?

    Thanks for the help!

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    If you're going to do it by debit order, then I should jolly well think you need a signed debit order form.

    But if you raise a monthly charge against their credit card using Netcash - it might work out a lot easier.

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    The banks require that you have the signed form for debit orders. See this as your protection, not a nuisance. If a client disputes a debit run, and you have no proof of him accepting it, you're liable for the costs & will be handled as fraudulent activity - which you don't want.

    We use Netcash for this very reason, and they'll also tell you that you need to have the form signed. Yes, it does bring in less clients, BUT you could also offer the client's EFT as an alternative and advice them to setup an automated payment on their internet banking to make it easier for you, and them.
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    Your'e in the invoicing / billing / payments / accounting game and you question a basic requirement that is related to the very thing you sell? ummm......

    Also remember the object of the exercise is to get good paying customers not a whole lot of sales that end up with non paying customers. If they are not prepared to sign a debit order then either move on or offer an alternative method that they can pay you with.
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