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    My fiance and I are looking to start a business - he already owns a very succesful and long-established advertising agency and therefore has a lot to bring to the table in terms of bookig systems/cms/marketing materials/web development etc. I on the other hand run two very rigorous admin departments for my boss. You say perfection - I say "still not good enough" with the effect that I am running myself ragged and making my boss a fortune by implementing systems that work and run more than perfectly and are designed to identify and demolish pitfalls. Thus I have to start up my own business and make myself that fortune.

    So basically we have a lot to bring to the table.

    Anyone have anything to propose? We dont have money to invest with someone but can definitely put a support system in place. If you are interested or have advice - really anything - it would be an absolute pleasure hearing from you!

    Kindly email me on

    Thanks all!

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    well, with your experience I would suggest start up with a decent website, detailing everything you do - it sounds like you and your fiance have a lot of combined skills, so this won't cost you a cent. Register a decent domain, and start advertising. I'm sure he knows a lot of good free ways
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