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Thread: The Biggest Change in 20 Years

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    Nokia has just released its second quarter results with a healthy improved margins in the second quarter. According to Olli (CEO of Nokia), the mobile industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation and Nokia is moving to a solution company. The biggest change in 20 years being experienced is the convergence of PC, Media and content. The advancements in mobile handsets is the catalyst. Being connected to the internet on the move is changing the way we communicate. Consumers are expecting integrated solutions with great user interfaces.

    Nokia is developing a solutions oriented mode which started in 2008 with its services business. It continues to grow its strong community of partners, the Symbian Foundation is a cornerstone of Nokia allowing developers to build innovative applications to profitability benefit the user experience and work together with service providers which is much better than companies that work alone.

    Nokia says that it will start working with with consumers directly and create solutions to learn from consumers how to modify user interfaces. Nokia is taking an open approach creating large sustainable eco-systems to drive success

    Key notes:

    • 300 million active users by 2011
    • Market share of 41%
    • Most attractive market is in Services
    • Nokia messaging to be rolled out to 40 operators worldwide

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    Nokia blah blah yeah.

    Now what the heck is Mobiflo about? Apart from free trials and claims of savings I couldn't work out the detail from your website.

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