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Did you manage to resolve this?

At first I tried to "dismiss" all the no longer employed staff still listed on ufiling on the day they did leave our employ, but that threw an error straight away.

In the end I just went for the "whatever works" route.

On ufiling I "fired" all the "no longer employed" staff as of the 1st of the current month (with 0 salary), and updated all the current employee details (correct starting date and current pay). Then just started filing every month from that month onwards on ufiling.

Then for each "no longer employed" employee I completed a manual UIF return form for the month they left service, and a certificate of service, bundled the lot into an envelope, and posted that off to UIF. (Kept a copy of the lot or course, which is archived now).

Never heard a peep since.

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Can we submit our returns manually and deregister for Ufiling?
Ufiling is so painless and instant, I'd strongly recommend sticking to Ufiling from this point forward. That way you know the data is being captured directly into their system and there's no nonsense about outstanding returns etc. when an exployee does actually try to claim for UIF.

If the BCR system is proving too much of a PITA, do manual returns for the history and leave them to sort out the historical mess themselves, I reckon.
(The BCR system hadn't been deployed yet when I had to clean up the mess, so I have no idea how good or bad it is. If it's bad, make it their problem to clean up - just give them the data they need manually and move on).