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Thread: Anyone for team building

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    Anyone for team building

    Something that has always fascinated me are the large percentages of businesses that do not do team building exercises with their personnel. Some even think that going out for the day and doing some paintball or quads are categorised as team building.

    I am also very surprised ate the amount of companies that offer team building as a service but they have no idea what it means.

    I would like to ask, my fellow TFSA members:
    • Do you think that there is value in team building for your business or any business?
    • How much time would you be willing to sacrifice for team building?
    • How often would you say team building should be done?
    • How would you define team building?
    Roelof Vermeulen (Entrepreneurship in large organizations)
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    Ah yes... Cooperative units. First off you do not need time or money. You need interest and you need participation for team-building to be affective. Sports are no good for some, but! The alternative is survival training. See I find that friendships made in harsh open conditions are the friendships that can survive anything! But this is expensive and will eat a week from your business.

    So stalk the local farms close to a dam or river and see if you cannot arrange with the farmer for a few activities that will involve setting up camp catch and clean your own fish and let them live a bit on their own devices for 4 days. If you are large enough groups put in some war-games. Make it over a weekend and give them 1 day from your business’s time.

    This will help with: Team trust, Reliability, and group think. Think about it...

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    Our "team building" is having a braai on a Friday afternoon from time to time.

    Now does that count, Roelof?

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    As a company we are looking for something to do for team building. I have no idea where to start looking! I Know there are companies who host events like this. Any ideas or directions??

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    the employee thinks entitlement . Over the years we have gone bowlling , cooking , played softball. Team players do not need team building. Where employees excel acknowledge it.
    Team building exercises is waist of time and money

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