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Thread: Banging Your Own Drum

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    Banging Your Own Drum

    South Africa has always had an unemployment situation. What we need to understand firstly is that the global recession and our own economic recession has affected all entities operating within South Africa. This effect has been noted in a severe decline in sales, production and demand. The situation today with unemployment within South Africa is that entities profitability has been slashed, survival mode has been initiated and retrenchments plus shrinking work places are part of our current reality. In an overpopulated job market with limited opportunities to cater for the vast market, it makes sense that our representation to various opportunities we may find should be exceptional.

    VisualCV reinvents the resume using technologies that transform the way in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared. A VisualCV allows professionals to easily build and manage an online career portfolio that comes alive with informational keyword pop-ups, video, pictures, and professional networking. VisualCV Inc, South Africa enables secure sharing of VisualCVs for networking, career advancement and business development. And, it's free! With a VisualCV

    We brought VisualCV here to South Africa to address issues with career management and broken internet recruiting methods. Professionals find it more and more difficult to present their skills and stand out from the crowd. Companies are struggling with the most efficient way to find good fitting candidates in an overpopulated job pool.

    A VisualCV is more than just a resume; it’s the best way to present yourself, not just to employers, but to partners, colleges and customers.

    VisualCV is a multimedia career portfolio and resume. It includes a custom representation of your experience and achievements with text, images, charts, video and professional networking. Your resume becomes visually compelling when you use a VisualCV. You can present your employment history as an impressive digital portfolio (highlighting your accomplishments, you can embed documents or images), quantify your achievements with charts and graphs highlighting results and fully presenting your unique capabilities. Once you create your VisualCV you will be able to control who sees it, download a PDF (portable document format) of your VisualCV or even set up your personal VisualCV button email signature. The list goes on, so why not find out for yourself the benefits VisualCV can have on your career.

    VisualCV would like to hear your thoughts, opinions, questions and feedback so please feel free to do so TFSA memebers
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