The 3rd Degree show on election eve was pretty interesting. Here's my quick read on how the various parties faired.

Gwede Mantashe (ANC): Real ruling party confidence. Didn't bat an eyelid as he shared that if what Jacob Zuma and Shabir Shaik did was corruption, there are many in the ANC who are rich today for much the same reason.

Sam Shilowa (COPE): COPE clearly has the dope on what has been going on in the ANC. Pretty smooth performance. Pricked bubbles without being rude.

Bantu Holimisa (UDM): Really impressive. Has definitely got his act together - just needs more national exposure.

Someone (IFP): Held up his end, but nothing memorable.

Helen Zille (DA): Started well. Ended weak. Easily distracted.

Patrica de Lille (ID): Honest, real, practical, the raw conscience of the nation.

Overall, it was clearly ANC vs the rest. Merge some of those minority parties and we'll definitely have something pretty special, and very South African.