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Thread: Company sub-division

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    Company sub-division


    Thank you for replies to my query on company sub-divisions.

    I have therefore gathered with respect to SETA's

    We will start off with one SETA, namely CETA and the business type will be a CC'A.

    If we decide to expand, we can only expand under CC'A if we remain with CETA, and if we want to engage the other SETA's we will have to form CC'B.

    Many concerns were raised, being a startup business, to limit responsibilty mainly in terms of tax. Therefore CC is a better option, we however are hoping to engage the other SETA'S in about 3 years or even sooner and will then have to change to a Pty (Ltd) - what advice do you have in laying a good foundation with the CC to cross over to a pty in the future.

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    Just to clear that up with people who might feel they've walked in half way through a conversation - you have!

    Alistair originally was communicating via PM with the moderators.

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