I've just received this email - ostensibly offering to beef up my internet banking security.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

In view of Internet swindle high activity we would like to suggest you Internet-connection protection with the help of VPN.
We can give you the guarantee that all your banking transactions will be completely secure.
You could start using VPN-connection right now!

More information about us you may find on Web:
PHP Code:
vpn.fsecurity.info (posted this way to prevent parsing
You could easily get in touch with our operators by ICQ: 288000, 992148 by E-mail: vpn-support @ fsecurity.info (spaces inserted to prevent parsing).

Best regards,
Open-VPN Service
Now when you click on the link, you get redirected to a site with an obscure URL - not a good sign.

But here's the thing to note: When operating over the internet, and especially for secure online banking, VPN reduces security, and most definitely does not increase it. When it comes to security product offers by internet or by email, be very careful out there.