I would like to introduce a new Network Marketing organization called “AtSurf”
Visit www.atsurf.co.za for more on this organization. It was started by an Information Technology and Marketing people. They realized that fuel hikes will never be a thing of the past and posed the following. AtSurf does not sell any products; instead they provide you with a service. You subscribe to their website for R85 per month. For R85 you get your own online business, for every three people you notify, direct and subscribe to your online business, you are remunerated with R150. You are allowed to subscribe a max of 81 people which gives you R4050 every month. Their focus is on assisting you with your fuel bill, so extra cash at the end of the month means filling that gap.
R10 of all subscription fees also go to “The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association” as their selected Charity. This organization is more Network Marketing than MLM as there are no upstream involved.

For more info, visit www.atsurf.co.za and log a call with their support team on their website by clicking on “Contact Support” These guys are great.