Robert Mugabe sees inflation as Zimbabwe's number one enemy.
President Robert Mugabe's government has branded inflation -- which slowed to 1 023% in September but remains the world's highest -- its number one enemy.
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I guess that pushes a few other enemies down the list.

And whilst on Zimbabwe, I see the farm evictions are still ongoing.
Dozens more white farmers were handed eviction notices in Zimbabwe as the government of President Robert Mugabe vowed on Monday to forge ahead with its controversial land reform policy.

The seizure of around 4 000 farms since 2000 is seen as a major cause of the economic crisis in the southern African nation, but the farmers' union said around 10 percent of the 500 remaining farmers had now been told to quit.

"So far 40 eviction notices have been given out by the government," Emily Crookes, the spokesperson for the Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU), told reporters.
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