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    aluminium door

    an elderly couple had a door replaced in september...they asked me to refit the wire which the door company had removed and not replaced because it was not part of their quote...when i got there i noticed the door had a huge gap...because the door is on the first floor of a block of flats the wind was blowing through the gap so much so that the lock was barely holding the door closed...then i noticed the wall looked like someone had taken plaster and just shown it against the wall and not leveled it...without going into detail about the rest of the shocking workmanship...first thing i asked the customer was whether or not they had paid for the work...unfortunately they had paid in full..i decided to call the company to find out why they had left the new door in a worse condition than the old door...they would have been better off leaving the old door in place.

    the reply i got from the owner Mr T Nager of HIGHWAY GLASS AND ALUMINIUM was that because he had quoted the customer R2600 to fit the door but only took COD of R1800 (i will send the hand written invoice to SARS to check that these COD jobs are being accounted for in his bussiness) he felt the job was up to standard according to the this the manner in which we treat old people...the customer is 78 years old battling to make it month to month.
    shame on this company...were are the old days of showing a little respect for your elders...i am not saying they must do it for free but at least do the job right.

    this company has promised to sort out the problems they returned and fitted a plate which has been fitted incorrectly and now the door must be locked all the time to keep it closed.

    i will give them until the end of this week then take pictures of the shocking workmanship and post it all over the internet with the details of this company so that others dont get this kind of shocking workmanship.

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    Good for you!!

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