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    3 talk

    i have been watching 3 talk on sabc 3 every now and again when there are interesting topics...last night they had a program about a book "whites only" my wife made an interesting comment which i have never even noticed until last night when it was pointed out to the presenter is so bias towards white people and their comments...that why she never watches the program.

    for example when a white person calls in and makes comments she shits and scrolls through the book but if a black person phones in she looks straight at the camera...i thought must be just my i asked a few other people about it and they made the same remarks...even the one persons 13 year old daughter made some interesting comments which i havent noticed either...maybe it is because i have a thousand other things going through my mind.

    funny thing is she mentioned about how white people always think blacks only have high positions in bussiness because of bee...well to be honest i thought the only reason she does 3 talk was because she was filling a bee post...trying to copy oprah.

    i have found no matter where you go and what colour your skin is there will always be issues...for example i was treated like an outcast while doing my military training because i was a souttie and the dutchman looked down at us dagga rooking banana boys as we were the big question is how long is BEEE going to continue as long as apartheid... 40 years+ or longer? i feel as long as one part of a community is being targeted there will always be problems.

    the next issue is street names... bok emblems etc...for f*cks sakes why dont they sit down decide what they want changed....change everything and lets move forward...14 years have already much time do they need.

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    As long as enough of us stay surprised when we see bad behaviour, we still stand a chance of becoming a civil society one day.

    I also worry that we might get too sensitive - it's where prejudice and shoulder chips come from. Somehow the cycle must be broken, and it starts with each of us.

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    Hi Murdock,

    I had a chat with a "previously disadvantaged" chap the other day and he commented that the whites must not complain about the reversed racism in the country as we had earned it!?!?!? The chap I was speaking with is in a high post in a company I deal with and I thought to myself that it was obvious why he got his job.

    I was very quick to point out that the last "Whites-only" referendum vote posed the question, "Must the NP abolish Apartheid?", the vote was an 86% yes and this came from whites, it wasn't Nelson, or Tabo, or JZ, it was the white population of SA that had decided to make the change. I asked him if the same situation had to come about now after the last 14-years of "democracy???" would the result be the same? I asked him to do his own survey on how many "black-owned" companies employ any white staff whatsoever or even deal with any "white-owned" businesses? I then asked him who the actual racists were, he didn't answer, but I think he knew what I meant.

    I have many black friends that join me for a weekend braai on occasion and every one of them has actually thanked me personally for changing the apartheid system, almost as if I was the only one to bring this change. I tell them that it is actually 86% of us that have done it, not just me alone! Leslie, of of these pals of mine, replied that he knew this but as my vote was one that made up that 86%, he was greatfull. Then we just cracked another beer and put some more meat on the flames.

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