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Thread: Data projector advice wanted

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    Question Data projector advice wanted

    Do we have a "Boffin" out there that can help me make sense of the miriad of multimedia projectors that are on the market?

    I would like to get a data projector, screen, remote (forward/backwards),and a laser pointer. I need this for training via PowerPoint presentations and videos. When I look around at all the options, smoke starts coming out my ears... there are just too many options and the specs seem to differ drastically, besides, the specs make no sense to me at all, the price range of these machines is even more confusing (from R3500 up to and surpassing R30000). My training sessions are generally quite small (15 to 25 individuals) and the training room is about 10 x 12metres (apparently, this info is important???). The training venue is not permanent, so I don't need overhead mounting and would prefer a portable unit.

    Is there someone that can help?

    Thanx - Dave
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    Basically the size of the room and the ambient lighting is you major factors to consider. The larger the room (i.e. how far the furthest person sits) governs how large the display size needs to be - the more spread out the projection (or further away the projector) needs to be the stronger the lamp needs to be (lumens). The brighter the ambient conditions the stronger the projector's lamp has to be (Lumens rating). And then are you adding a special screen, or simply projecting onto a wall (this can also affect the needed lumens)? Finally what resolution do you require - how complex is the materiel you're going to show (lot's of small text or mostly images)?

    Then there might be some other less important considerations, like what extras are required.

    For the technical aspects you can read-up in this:

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    One of the factors I've heard mention is the cost and availability of globes for data projectors.

    Then on top of what irneb has said, the other fact is the colour range. If you are looking for movie quality, you need high colour range and resolution. If it is mainly text, graphs, still pictures this is less critical.

    Finally, there is the issue of size which comes down to just how portable you want your data projector to be. This can be a real issue if you are going to be flying - I wouldn't be excited about running a data projector through checked luggage. As with many things nowadays, smaller can cost a fair pile more when comparing two machines of roughly equal features.

    I hear you on how confusing the range is. It just feels like an endless list of trade-offs.

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