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Thread: Labour unrest coming soon?

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    Labour unrest coming soon?

    Any body else concerned about the impact that the past few months economic events are likely to have on the labour situation in the coming months. Are the unions and organised labour going to sit back and carry on as usual under the current inflationary pressures, or can we expect a reaction in the coming months. Will large unions like NUMSA which last year embarked on a strike to achieve an 8% increase for the next three years(the collective agreement lasts until 2010) sit back in the current climate and not try and revisit this agreement in the near future, possibly embarking on a strike to force the hand of employer organisations to return to the negotiating table before 2010. I forsee potential disruptions in the latter half of this year with regard to this issue. Any comments?

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    Wouldn't that be in breach of the existing collective agreement that would make such a move an unprotected strike? Or is there an escape clause?

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