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Thread: What do you really want to know?

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    What do you really want to know?

    I would like to find out - particularly from those of us who are running businesses with fewer than 50 employees - what practical business information you really want to know.

    Would you like more info on say: paying UIF annually rather than monthly; where to find a list of people to market your product to, or what needs to be in a lease contract?

    What do you as an entrepreneur running a small business in South Africa, really want to know more about?
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    Thanks Ann - thought you'd never ask!! LOL

    How to reach a well defined and delineated market easily and cheaply, using the internet as only PART of the solution.


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    I would say the following would be on the top of my list.
    Sample employee contracts, eg sales personel on commission, admin personel and management.
    Guidelines around bookkeeping, eg registration for income tax, UIF, SDL and PAYE.
    The simple things that business owners tend to miss when starting out.
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