Hi everyone. I have a ciu-ph04 PLC electricity prepaid meter from Ekurhuleni. We had a storm a few nights ago. I didn't hear the alarm saying I needed to recharge. The power from council which runs the shortfall on the solar and pool isn't working. I tried to recharge. The meter says connect then failed. It has an interface no in the top left hand corner and sometimes 54.22 which seems to be the units left. It isn't giving a code 30 error which is usually when there is no power from the pole to the house. I have checked the batteries, plugged it into another plug, the neighbour has tried to load too. I have checked the recharge voucher. It is the latest one and it does have the correct meter number on it. Can't find anything on Google. All others say push the blue button or # to reset....none of which are on the meter or the box inside. The box inside is locked tight. There are no lights on it but the display is working. Today is day 6 waiting for the council to assist....anyone have any ideas? TIA.