Hi all

We have some really dodgy metering rooms (this is just one) in our block
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This is where the council feeder is coming and their meters are located. Basically the underground cable burned out a few years ago and since then these rooms have been left open by them (none of the trustees or care taker knows about us having a key). But obviously the "circuit" breakers here are more like fuseable links and single poll circuit breakers for the odd flat here and there (flats themselves are 3 phase).

Is this pretty much the standard we can expect of City of Cape Town?
That there is basically no onus on them to have this part of the install be safe and so on?

I mean I'd be hard pressed to consider this safe, each phase has an individual fuseable link (unlike the regs that require a 3 pole breaker at least).
A bunch of the fusable link parts are hanging open.
The feeder has no circuit breaker and is pretty much open for anyone to touch, the room is very narrow, I'm worried if I trip, I'll die in there.

I'm asking if we should even bother asking them to come out and consider maybe doing something about this situation.