Let me clear this up before you judge, I am firm believer in correct safety gear, I have personally witnessed people loose fingers, cut off ears, fall to their death from a 4 stories building, loose the use of their hands, get burnt to death from explosions and many other incidents.

Why safety documents are created but difficult to apply.

When you are sitting in an cool office (22 degrees) creating safety regulations for a site where we are expected to work in temperatures exceeding 30/40 and sometimes 50 degrees dressed like an eskimo with misted safety glasses and a mask restricting your breathing, is why engineers should have to sit at the location in the same gear we are expected to wear in the middle of summer and create those very documents.

It would change the entire safety industry.

Where are the unions protecting the workers, probably in the same office block with the aircon pumping flat out

If I ever joined a union, the first thing I would do is sort out the working conditions.