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Thread: Customer not paying

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    A friend of mine ask a deposit equal to one day labour before going out on emergency calls. He want it cash in hand or cash in the bank before starts working.
    The rest of the bill he sorts out afterwards or refund the client if needed to be.
    I agree the people think electricians don't need the money. They will pay a fortune for a new car and can only get the car after the garage got there money.
    The guy doing paving wants money in the bank before starting to work and the client pays with a smile.
    But the electrician must beg, threaten and grovel. Does that make sense?

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    One thing I have learnt through my journey of life,
    "People treat you the way you allow them to"
    Victor - Knowledge is a blessing or a curse, your current circumstances make you decide!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justloadit View Post
    One thing I have learnt through my journey of life,
    "People treat you the way you allow them to"
    Exactly. I also believe that people only get bullied if you allow them. Bullies are cowards. Fight back. No matter how big the guy is, once you punch first he backs down.
    This also applies to men who hit and abuse women. Real men do not hit women. Women must never allow that to happen.
    Excellence is not a skill; its an attitude...

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    People read a book by its cover.

    If you arrive on site looking like you should cut back on the burgers and fries, dress like a worker, people will treat you like a fat person who lacks discipline with intelligence of a tradesman.

    A good example I never go into an investigation meeting dressed like I do everyday.

    I had a good chuckle the one day, I had to attend a meeting and so I dress like I think I know what I am doing. One of the employees where we were working that day, commented that I looked like I owed the company.

    Acting like you have no idea what you are doing or asking really dumb questions, helps expose people who think they know what they are doing and allows them to really show off their ability to attempt to baffle people with bullshyte. I know I shouldn't, but the reaction/response when they realise they have been caught is priceless.
    Comments are my opinion, unless regulations are attached to support the comment. This is social media, not a court room.

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    This story had a happy ending - the young man turned up at my house, cash in hand and very apologetic. Hope he learned a life lesson

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    I would give a last warning and thereafter if not paid , get a sand or rubble dump truck and ask that they can dump it for free at his front gate, finish and klaar..

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