From the Programme of Action for the social cluster
Part of our nutrition interventions is the mandatory addition of vitamins and minerals to all maze meal and wheat flour to address micronutrient deficiencies and improve well being. To assist millers to comply with the food fortification programme, I am glad to announce our readiness to pay a once off subsidy of R23 million for purchase of fortification equipment. The grant awards a 100% subsidy for micro and small enterprises while medium-sized and large millers are given a grant of 75% and 50% of their capital expenditure, respectively.

Wheat flour is a critical vehicle for delivery of much needed micronutrients to our people. It is that context that we condemn bread price fixing not only as a bad business practice, but as major barrier in improving health of people affected by micronutrient deficiencies.
I've got a question, though. The plan seems to be to introduce these micronutrients in the milling stage. Don't most vitamins get harmed in the cooking process?