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Thread: Isolation procedure for solar/inverter/batteries

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    Isolation procedure for solar/inverter/batteries

    It was just a matter of time for something to go wrong.

    This is the second time I have had a call from customers, frantically trying to switch off a system. The first time was an installation where batteries started boiling and no isolation procedure, in fact not switch disconnector.

    Again 2 day ago another fault on a system and no isolation procedure.

    What is the problem, the installer will spend 2 hours running through with the owner telling him about his system and where to switch off, the owner is out of town on business and suddenly there is problem, a loud high pitched sound coming from the unit, what now.

    I can tell you what now, panic and run.

    While the pro's design the regs for solar, they should include a clause which includes documentation with cables routes and isolation points required to safely isolate the system.

    IF the owner who may remember how the system works for the first 3 days or 3 weeks, is not home and there is a problem, or if the installer who might not be around in 6 months time cannot reached. If the fireman or another electrician is sent to the site, there must be a site document wit hall the relevant information about the system.

    I know the first response would be to run, however eventually someone will need to shut it down.

    Dont be that person who causes a family home to burn to the ground because you an idiot who is too irresponsible to create a simple diagram and leave it for other to fix your mess.

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    Yep to save a couple of hundred Rand, on a R100K plus is ludicrous.

    In all my design work of any system, the first item on my list is "Safety",
    the second is - how will the customer make the system safe in the case of a catastrophic failure, with out requiring an engineering degree, and if this will be a problem, then an automated shut down of the system becomes part of the design. This could be a hidden 'Fuse' , non re-settable circuit breaker or a electrically controlled fail to make safe contacts.

    But again I have told been that my equipment is always expensive.

    My reply to that, is the day that you complain the price is cheap, then I know that I have made an error in my design/calculations
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