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Thread: Inverter fault levels

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    Inverter fault levels

    This is an interesting question, what is the fault level at the inverter when it switches over to battery backup, if you have one, 2 or 10 batteries connected.

    How do you work out the fault level when carrying out the inspection report for the COC?

    Lets say a you are using 5.2 kwh (48 VDC) batteries, in parallel.

    I am interested to see some of the calculations done by electricians who issue COC for solar installations.

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    Where on the test report would one enter those particulars ?

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    Your Fault level on the AC output will be the max peak output of the inverter which is anywhere between 1,5 to 2 times the rating of the inverter .
    The fault level is low.

    The DC fault level internally on the inverter is a different story - With Lithium the BMS will restrict the fault current.

    With Gel it takes a bit of calculation but is generally around 12 times the Amp hr rating

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