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Thread: A new fault never experienced before.

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    Going back there later in the week.

    What I'm scratching my head about is that on a 2 wire TNCS supply, when doing a line earth impedance test and a neutral impedance test, the readings should be the same as you are testing the same cable. Earth and neutral are common on the same conductor.

    The question is. .... when doing a loop impedance test, is the impedance of the live wire in the loop also measured by the meter and included in the result ?

    I'm thinking that there may be a high impedance on the live conductor somewhere.

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    Yes ya the line wire is included. The way I see it with the TNCS is that the earth where it now becomes earth cable as in seperated is that at the seperation point there is a high resistance.

    In my brain a loop test and Neautral test should just be 2 leads as you are testing 2 cables as such, so having 3 is weird in my brain.

    Having 3 works in my brain if the machine has both the earth loop and the Neautral loop in one push of the button.

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