I can see why people rather buy the strip lights from the China mall and not the local wholesaler or the elctrical contractor.

Lets say you want to install 2 m of track light under a shelf, nothing fancy just a standard 1 colour, 14 watt, 12 VDC cool white strip.

2m of strip - R207.00
Aluminum strip - R108.00
Opal cover - R70.00
End caps - R10.06
Steel holder - R9.20
38 watt driver - R142.50
Total - R546.76 That's excluding a markup or installation cost

Market related price?

The aluminum strip and cover is more expensive than the whole setup, yes I know you gonna tell me they dont stick, nothing a R20 tube of super glue cant fix. I know because I chose to buy the below for my house. They do fade and LED start popping after about 5 years @R125.00 I will just keep replacing it every 5 years when I renovate the bedrooms