Many years ago ... when I started this business ... I focused on 2 things good service with a team which was capable of doing what was required ... from digging a hole to installing 120 mm 4 core cables through the top of the factory or commercial building ... on cable trays ... I also offered a service to any big company which needed to get shyte done ... in other words if your project was running behind schedule I would go in and for example wire up the big distribution panels ... if they needed a team to pull a cable we had a team of 1 - 20 capable team member ... the important part was the teams were managed by myself or my supervisor (who had worked with me for 5 years) but I managed every site ew we worked on.

On one site I had 60 electricians working with me at one time (that was an absolute nightmare) ... but we still managed to finish the project within the time frame and the main contractor didnt have to pay R120 000.00 per day penalties.

The biggest problem is trying to find good team members ... you can have a person working with you for 10 years and he/she will still be useless ... sometimes you ge tlucky and find that one person who has what it takes to grow with you ... who will become a positive contribution to the team ... as I have mentioned before they are like hens teeth and when you find them ... make sure you pay attention identify their contribution.