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Thread: Old ECA membership certificate

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    Old ECA membership certificate

    During the clean out this week I found a document rolled up ... I felt like Jack Sparrow with a treasure map the way the document has aged.

    Signed in JOHANNESBURG ... may 19XX... just after I started the business ... 31 years in a couple weeks time.

    membership number 2Xxx

    Back in the days when I stilled believed there was hope for the electrical industry and electricians were proud of their department of manpower trade test certificates.

    Some will remember the dreaded 4 hour steel conduit job with threaded locknuts and brass bushes.

    I passed my trade test in 19XX ... then got my installation electrician certificate in 19XX ... then I see I had already started the business when I got the MIE card in 19XX

    I also found all the ECA training courses I attended like ...

    the introduction to COC
    practical test and installation
    Estimating and tendering
    and many more.

    All the certificates from technical college and telemechanic for PLC training

    National certificates for technical college N courses.

    If I were youngster starting all over again with all the knowledge and experience I have today ... NO I wouldnt do it the same again.

    People say hard work will make you lots of money ... dont be a fool ... if that was the case ... Elon musk and the little amazon guy would be the second and third richest people.

    What would I change ... I would have finished school ... got my matric and studied to become an engineer or even better a degree (without an education you just a hard working fool) .. then I would have travelled the world.
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