So I spent most of my weekend learning how to use the labeling machine.

I have had this machine (brother EW550) for about 4-5 years ... yet hardly make full use of it due to my lack of knowledges on its features and how to actually use it.

The best part about it ... you can create the labels on a phone or tablet and print directly to the machine ... it causes quite a reaction on site.

This weekend I got stuck in and learnt as much about it as possible about the P touch software and the app and how to link directly and using WiFi ... why because I believe labeling on site is as important if not more important than a neat tidy installation.

When working in a factory environment ... most of your work is displayed for everyone to see ... but when you start going into commercial and domestic ... most of your work is hidden in the walls or ceilings.

Most of my work comes for word of mouth ... however a large percentage is from people who visit the sites where I work ... so I find it important to make sure my equipment is always clean and presentable ... my job is to the highest standard possible ... however once you patch the walls ... close the ceiling panels etc its all hidden ... only the rats get to view the tidy workmanship.

Which brings me to the labeling on site ... I talk from my own experience ... if I walk onto a site and see neat "straight" labels on everything form the DB to the junction boxes to the switches to the socket outlets ... my first impression is that the person who did the installation took pride in what he did.

Secondly and this one is a note for customers ... it makes my life much easier to fault find ... which results in less time on site ... which means a lower callout and labour bill ... and we all know how expensive labour has become and is set to rise as more and more skilled people leave.

I also figured out a way to insert my company logo and contact details as part of the circuit breaker I dentification label .. .now nobody can remove the company contact details etc without interfering with the breaker identification