It seems that it is impossible to achieve what I am trying to achive with speck aqua RGB lights.

what am I trying to achieve -

I have 2 RGB lights in a swimming pool ... controlled via a timer in the DB board.

I want to make the lights blue or green or whatever colour I set it to ... the lights will switch off in the morning and when they switch on in the evening ... they must be the same colour that was set the day before ... nothing complicated ... simple remember the last setting.

If I want to change the colour ... I press the remote and the scenes/colour will cycle until we find the new colour/scene ... so when the timer switches off and back on the following day ... both lights must be the same colour they were as per the last setting.

All the RGB lamps I work with at the moment do this ... even if you remove the power using a timer (not switched off with a remote).

Speck pool light apparently cannot do this ... so every time you switch on the light ... it will just go to some random setting and you have to sit and keep pressing the button until you get the colour you want