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Thread: Land Sale Scam

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    Exclamation Land Sale Scam

    Hello everyone.

    I need some assistance.
    I purchased a land site through a fake agent, she acted as if she was an agent representing a reputable company. But she’s never been their agent. She listed 2 sites for sale in Pietermaritzburg, she sent the documents including deed of sale and mandate which I had to sign. I then had to make the payment to the estate agency directly. This was in January 2021. However months later when I tried to go fence my site, I was told by the neighbours that the site actually belongs to someone else and was purchased around 2018.
    I looked through the documents she had sent and noticed that she had sent me an iD which she photoshopped the last number of the ID. I was able to recognise that she inserted a 3 at the end which can’t be cause female IDs end with 5-9. I eventually got her real ID number. I traced it and found her real surname, she had sent me an old ID of her maiden surname, I went to the ATM and checked her name and it matched the new details I found and the bank account belongs to her not the estate agency. So in short she is a scammer and a lousy one at that, now I have her details, full names, ID number but no address and the number she used previously is now deactivated. I kindly ask for assistance in terms of being able to get her contact details, and suggestions on how to proceed.

    Thank you .

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    Lay a charge of fraud with the police for starters.

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