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Thread: Breather for speedsters in Johannesburg and Pretoria

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    Breather for speedsters in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    It has been reported that the company uploading camera speeding fines contract ended in June and no camera speeding fines have been issued since then in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

    OUTA has notified the authorities that it is illegal to notify any motorists of an infringement if more than 40 days have passed since the alleged infringement took place, so it seems as if quite a number of speedsters can breath a sigh of relief.

    As our brother Blurock would say " The ain't no consequences party in action "

    Peace out .. Derek

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    LoL - If one waits long enough then the fines disappear off your record. Seems that the idiots have lots of cameras taking lots of pics and zero ability to collect the money. I get that it is an easy way for them to make money (the only way that they enforce payment is by withholding license disks if there are outstanding warrants).... but really... paying those things is a total nightmare (at least here in Cape Town) you have to run from one office to the next because the warrants can only be paid at the traffic department that issued it.

    Anyhow, I HATE THE TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT WITH A PASSION - my daughters had to get driving licenses - I am not going into details because I am just going to get angry all over again. The net result is that my one daughter got her license after I lost my rag in a traffic department and my other daughter refuses point blank to drive in this country (after doing the test and being failed for bullcrap 3 times). My eldest daughter will get her license once she moves to the UK next year or the year after.

    Anyway, I am derailing you tread with my nonsense....

    Let me just say that they are a total bunch of clowns.....maybe they are ex FNB employees

    I think that there is lots of "dicing" on the highways in the area now! I will send my Youngest daughter there with a crash helmet and Ford Focus RS for a weekend of fun

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