skatingsparks ... I know exactly what you are talking about .... I have only worked in Africa ... I had an employee who helped me build this business ... he was the tea maker at one of the companies I worked at many years ago ... I needed an assistant and he was the only one in the workshop ... so I took him to site with me ... I learnt that he had a drivers license ... di the respect hand shake ... the whole works.

As soon as I got my business off the ground ... I got to him to leave that company and join me ... people say everyone is replaceable ... I am gonna tell you a little secret when you find one of these gems ... best you spoil them and tolerate the minor glitches in the journey ... nobody is perfect and everything cant be 100 % tip top all the time ... we all hit a bumpy road at some point.

I was chatting to a mate the other day ... he just sold his company ... it has 10 teams on the road ... I asking him why he sold ... the company seem to be doing so well ... his response ... he is tired of spoon feeding idiots all day every day.