Its time to scrap the the Landys and gyr meter and move on.

I have been doing some research and found some interesting energy management systems ... Hager and Schneider have energy monitoring ... looking at the schneider ... I like the breakers which have the current clamps which attach to the bottom of the breakers.

Schneider has an interest meter as part of their smart home ... but after scratching around I found it is a "Sense" meter.

At R10k ... it seems a bit over the top ... considering its has its challenges every smart home product I have researched.

It seems to me that big brand products have reaised they are loosing out on an industry which is growing so fast ... doubling since 2017 to over R53 billion.

Support at this point for smart tech is a real challenge ... companies are trying to get on the bus ... selling products but dont have staff with the technical backround or knowledge of some of their IoT things.

I have meetings setup for Friday to see what companies have to offer and to get an idea of the support they offer ... ( support being the important factor)