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Thread: CBI breaker identification

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    CBI breaker identification

    How many people remove and throw away CBI breakers because the rating is rubbed off the front.

    I have a few of these ready for the bin ... I had an idea ... that for example the geyser combo breaker is rated at 20 amps ... unfortunately you can no longer read it on the front ... which means it would fail an inspection in an report.

    Some good news ... no need to bin these unit ... there is a lable on the side with a refernece number ... for this breaker QAL21320 ... if you google the reference number will see it indicates that it is a 20 amp geser combo ... so print a label and attach it ot the front of the breaker and its good to go.

    In older installations .. .the white rubs off ... i apply tipp ex to the number and wipe it ... ready for the COC
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    I actually have seen an installation whereby the circuit breakers were numbered,and then a legend was created,laminated and placed next to the DB board with all relevant info on it,from kA RATING,to Amps and for what it is..
    Got me thinking...

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