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Thread: Hybrid Grid Tied Inverter with backup

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    Lightbulb Hybrid Grid Tied Inverter with backup

    Hi All, it's been quite awhile since I have posted anything
    Firstly may I wish all of you a Prosperous 2021

    I have recently installed a Hybrid Grid tied inverter for a client and am so impressed, I thought I would share with you all

    Firstly the specs & detail on the system

    Kodak 4,6 Kw (Solis) Inverter fanless (Dual Mppt)
    11 x 315W PV Panels
    4 x US 2000 Pylontech Batteries
    Auto Neutral/Earth switch
    Combiner box with surge protection
    Auto Change over switch

    Click image for larger version. 

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    System Features
    Export Power Management (EPM) with failsafe
    Optimised Self consumption in priority (PV, Battery, Grid)
    Reserve Battery for Load shedding (set at 50%, leaving 30% reserve for load shedding)
    Optimal Battery charging (PV only or PV & Grid)

    When Grid is available, both Essential & non essential loads are powered by PV, Batteries & Grid
    When Grid fails, only essential loads are powered by PV & batteries

    The geyser, Stove & oven are the non essential loads

    The auto change over switch when grid fails has a transfer time of 50ms which provides uninterrupted power to essential loads

    Basic wiring & power flow diagram
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The online portal provides constant monitoring of the whole system
    There is also an APP (Android & Ios) to monitor the system even when not at home

    (see screen shot of App)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9413.jpg 
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    Client is extremely happy & only consuming between 2 & 4 Kwh from the grid

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    Fantastic, I have a collegue who has a similar system, but only has 8 of 330W PV Panels.
    His power Eskom consumption has dropped quite substantially. As a retired person, who looks at the weather, and when the sun is shinning at good radiance, he switches his washing machines on to make use of the grid tie feature.

    He also has the Usedasun Solar geyser system, and clocks 65C almost every day out of his geyser, weather permitting.

    Using another 4 off 315W PV panels, and my Usedasun Solar Geyser System, and your client will have all the essentials covered.

    I have designed a solar converter with MPPT using PV panels to heat your water.
    I installed my latest design for a dual geyser system. That is 2 off 150 litres with 10 off 260W PV panels.
    The installation was completed on 25/11/2020.
    The first week was overcast weather, and clocked just over 10kWH on Wednesday 2/12/2020, which was a little cloudy day, and bearing in mind that the geysers were starting from a low temperature of 34 C each due to being switched off during the whole installation process. By 17H00 both geysers were at +60C when the thermostats shut off.
    Every day the water temperature has been at +60C when the thermostats have disconnected the elements
    Went to check the reading 5/12/2020 - Saturday after sunset, and the accumulated energy used from the sun was 48.891kWH, making it an average of 9.778kWH per day. I pay an average of about R2.80kWH, it is high because what is not informed to users, here in Johannesburg, I pay over and above the electricity usage because I have a post paid meter
    Network Surcharge of R 19.68 excluding VAT
    Service Charge R147.74 excluding VAT
    Network Charge R 596.18 excluding VAT
    Every day since then has been and average of 6 to 7kWH

    10/1/2021 i Checked my readings 12H00 - Both geysers above 60C
    PV power today 6.852KwH
    Total accumulated PV power since 25/11/2020 is 310.59KwH

    So since I installed the system, I have already saved R 869.65 or R 18.90 per day.
    Since installing I have not used Eskom once even on the day that it rained all day, still managed to get both geysers over 52C and managing to claw approximately 4.5KwH that day.

    If any one is interested, got or send me a private message and I will send you the information for the Usedasun Solar geyser system
    Victor - Knowledge is a blessing or a curse, your current circumstances make you decide!
    Solar pumping, Solar Geyser & Solar Security lighting solutions -

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    What a nice set-up!Solar is definitely the future,just for interest sake did u use Monocrystalline PV panels?

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