I have a landys and Gry meter installed on site ... top of the range and all ... but just ticking over with idea of how to download and monitor the consumption.

So i contacted Landys and gry ... they gave me a number of a person who i contacted who wants me to pay him a couple of thousand rand upfront before he even visits the site .. with a list of instruction and a software download fee etc etc etc.

Another company will hook it up at a fee and change a monthly fee to email me the info ... really?

What I am looking for is a metering system which can be connected in the main DB 800 amps (the 800/5 amp CT's are already installed and connected and the fuses and cabling for the voltage) a simple solution which can be connected to the network ... and managed on site ...without having to send the data to an external company ... copy pasted and emailed back to the factory.

Any susggestions?

Landys and gyr where a popular brand back in the day ... it seems elster is the prefered electricity meter in most installations I visit.