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Thread: Train line reticulation theft

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    Train line reticulation theft

    Wow ... I had no idea of magnitude of the cable theft until yesterday ... driving along the road and I could see all the lines cut with short pices hanging from the insulators ... for miles and miles ... you do know who is going to pay to replace it all ?
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    Yup, saw that all the way down by Denver in Johannesburg. With price of scrap copper at over R100 for bright and people getting desperate as the government has made no plans then I guess if you get desperate you'll do desperate things. Either that or its just a bunch of thieving &^%$s. And again teh tax payer will pay and teh poor will stay in poverty. And then they will do it all again because they sick of being poor.

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    The ones that should be "FIXED" are the scrap metal dealers - they enable this nonsense.
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