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Thread: Pastel Xpress 19.3.1

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    Pastel Xpress 19.3.1

    Morning to all.

    Im totally confused by now.

    We are running pastel xpress 19.3.1 with no problems for sometime now.

    After we updated from windows 7 to 10 we started to experience some problems. After we do a customer invoice everything is fine. We update and go back to a statement and everything is still fine. The invoice is showing and the line is blue so you can access it. After a while when you go back the lines turn to black and you can see the invoice on the statement but cant go into it. Nor can you ever reprint it again.

    Please help me.


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    Pastel drills down according to reference. If you have done a cashbook receipt and used the invoice number as your reference, you might not be able to drill down to the document. If you have a corruption in your history header file, you also will not be able to reprint the document. Test this by going into view - customers - reprint document - tax invoice. Put in that invoice number in the start and end, and see if it prints to screen. If it does, your history header file is probably ok, and I would look at the references when receipting in the cashbook.

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