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Thread: How to package already made pizza bases? ADVICE PLEASE

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    How to package already made pizza bases? ADVICE PLEASE


    I'm looking into making my own pizza bases from home as a source of income, as I was sadly retrenched and need to make money somehow.

    But my only concern is how to actually package the already made base? I have googled but I can't find any information on the best why to package already made bases.

    What do you guys think? Is it a good idea to make pizza bases. I hope it sells.

    How can I package them to sell them? Please advice.

    Thank you!

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    Congratulations on thinking "out of the box" to start your own business and not just sit at home, waiting for someone to bail you out.

    I would suggest looking at products already on the shelves. Look at their packaging. What is working and what not?
    We buy Dr Oertel, imported from Germany, on a regular basis because that is the best on the market.
    Use them as a benchmark to fine tune your product and your packaging.

    Good luck with your business and we wish you all the success with your venture!
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    Get hold of a food packaging manufacturer, they will be able to advise the correct materials for food packaging and even suggest best methods.
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