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Thread: Law regarding residential lease renewals.

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    Law regarding residential lease renewals.

    I have been renting a room (through an agent) in a commune for my son for the last 2 years as he is studying at the University of Pretoria.
    The contract is a 1 year fixed term lease, January to December. I have renewed it once.

    Due to Covid, my son has not been in Pretoria since March, and his room has been uninhabited.
    I have continued to pay his rent regardless, and in fact have paid in advance till the end of December. I have no problem with this - Covid was not the Landlord, Agent or my son's fault. Sh*t happens.

    I received a letter from the agent this week stating that if I want to renew for next year, I have to do so by this Monday the 21st of September.
    I asked the agent if they would give me an extension on the renewal, as at this stage I am not sure if and the university will open for on site lectures. Obviously if the lectures continue online next year, my son will not need to be in the city. They declined, stating that if I did not renew by Monday, his accommodation would be put back on the market.

    Are the agents allowed to lease out his room for next year while his lease contract is still valid?
    Is there anyway I can hold off (legally) from signing a renewal contract until I have confirmation of contact classes at the university next year?
    My son and his mates (all UP students, all have separate leases/contracts) are in the same boat. They love the commune and will renew as soon as they know lectures will open again next year.

    Any advice on how to deal with the agent would be greatly appreciated.
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