Ok i know i should have stuck to better quality ... but i thought how bad could it be ... half the price half the quality ... i have been using a lot of onesto circuit breakers ... supplied from the same supplier and havent had any issues.

I built a control panel and finished installing it last week ... did the commisioning over the weekend and everything seemed fine.

Monday morning i go to site to check everything is ok ... i see the side of the overload relay is swollen ... i thought that is a bit strange ... so i investigate further ... i see the bottom middle terminal plate is loose ... I thought no it cant be ... I checked and re checked the terminals like i always do ... then one last random spot check while commisioning.

Anyway i shoot off to the wholesaler and get a replacement contactor and overload relay (just in case) arrange a shutdown and do a quick replacement .. to find the new overload relay norally open contact is not normally open but closed ...no time to fuss with it during a shut down ... will investigate further ... bypassed the circuit got the system up and running.

I take the damaged contactor and overload relay to the workshop to do an inspection ... to find the middle terminal is actually broken off ... not loose... i have to say that is a first ... all the years and hundreds of control panels i have built ... i have never had a terminal screw on a contactor break ...not while tightening nor during operation.